Manitou’s areas of focus are Venture Capital, Media and Energy.
Meet our team: Chris / Jack / Shirley

Venture Capital

We invest in seed and early-stage
companies in the U.S. and China.
We are co-founders of Ceyuan
Ventures based in Beijing, China.


Ceyuan is a leading independent
and local early-stage venture firm
focused on startups in China.

Manitou VC is now focused on
grassroots opportunities in the US
in our areas of focus and vision.
Our past Manitou investments

  • RPX Corporation (RPXC)
  • Infinera (INFN)
  • MOBI Development Co., Ltd. (stock code 947)
  • HDT Holdings Technologies, Inc.
  • Headland Acquisition LLC/ProService Hawaii


We back innovative grassroots music and musical ideas. Bluegrass music is our focus. We are co-producers of the Freshgrass Music Festival.

Fresh Grass

Our partners in Freshgrass include:

Mass Moca

We are proud contributors to the Porchlight Sessions, a finger pickin' and foot stompin' adventure(documentary) through the evolution of the hillbilly sound. We have also made investments in select media businesses that fit our vision, including:



We are researching business models and ideas for the energy and clean tech sectors.

Currently we are focused on solar development and financing as well as energy efficiency.

We would be pleased to receive your business plan.

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